Since 2007, CNES/GS and CLS teams have been processing regularly GPS and GNSS data from a worldwide network of IGS permanent stations.
We compute precise GNSS orbits together with Earth rotation parameters and stations coordinates at the sub centimetre level.

Main events

2021.05 Start of routine delivery of GNSS satellite OSB biases
2021.01 Start of routine delivery of GNSS ATT files
2020.10 Delivery of REPRO3 GRG06 Solutions
2019.11 Start of REPRO3 Tests
2018.10 Start of Integer Products for Galileo Satellites (GPS week 2022)
2017.10 Adoption of ESA PCOs/PCVs for Galileo Satellites (from GPS week 1972)
2017.01 Switch to IGS14/ANTEX14 products (GPS week 1934)
2015.04 Common processing for IGS finals and MGEX products (from GPS week 1841)
2014.06 Delivery of GR2 products for REPRO2 Campaign (1998-2013) and ITRF2013 (station coordinates time series can be visualized here)
2013.10 Adoption of REPRO2 standards
2012.09 Start the routine delivery of Galileo products in the frame of IGS-MGEX experiment
2012.08 Switch to daily Sinex products (GPS week 1702)
2012.05 30' grg clock files available on IGS products archive centers
2011.10 Jan Kouba's attitude law
2011.06 Contribution to the IGS GLONASS final products
2011.04 Switch to IGS08/ANTEX08 (GPS week 1632)
2010.05 Contribution to the IGS GPS final products
2009.11 New analysis strategy: zero-difference ambiguity fixing
2009.03 Increasing number of stations in the processing up to 110
2009.01 Start of routine delivery of clock files (5')
2008.03 Increasing number of stations in the processing up to 90
2007.09 Start of weekly SINEX routine delivery to IGS

Weekly updated Wide-Lane Satellite biases and 30s clk: ftp site direct access