Presentations of the EGU11 session: "GNSS for Geosciences: PPP applications and modelling improvements"

Vienna, Austria, April 6, 2011

Convener: Felix Perosanz
Co-convener: Robert Weber

Session Details

Oral Programme

Mark Caissy, Georg Weber, Loukis Agrotis, Gerhard Wübbena, and Manuel Hernandez-Pajares
The IGS Real-time Pilot Project - The Development of Real-time IGS Correction Products for Precise Point Positioning
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Georg Weber, Andre Hauschild, Dirk Stöcker, Leos Mervart, Oliver Montenbruck, and Peter Steigenberger
Real-Time PPP based on CONGO and RTCM's Multiple Signal Messages
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Maorong Ge, Junping Chen, Jan Dousa, Xingxing Li, Gerd Gendt, and Jens Wickert
Development of the GFZ Real-Time Precise Point Positioning Service (solicited)
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Jianghui Geng, Xiaolin Meng, Alan Dodson, and Norman Teferle
Ambiguity resolution in precise point positioning: what method should we use for Geosciences?
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Shailen Desai, Willy Bertiger, Bruce Haines, Nate Harvey, Mark Miller, Christina Selle, Anthony Sibthorpe, and Jan Weiss
Long-Term Evaluation of Precise Point Positioning with Single Receiver Phase Ambiguity Resolution using JPL's GPS products (solicited)
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Geoffrey Blewitt and Corné Kreemer
Fast Network Solutions using Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution for all Geodetic GPS Stations in the World (solicited)
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Xiaohong Zhang and Xingxing Li
Predicting Atmospheric Biases for Rapid Re-initialization in PPP (solicited)
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