Presentations of the EGU12 session: "What's signal and what's an artifact in GNSS solutions ?"

Vienna, Austria, April 24, 2012

Convener: Felix Perosanz
Co-conveners: Robert Weber & Shuanggen Jin

Session Details

Oral Programme

A. Al-Shaery, S. Zhang, S. Lim, and C. Rizos
Multi-GNSS Opportunities and Challenges PDF PDF slides

M. Moore and S. McClusky
Mitigation of Site Specific Errors PDF PDF slides

F. Fund, F. Perosanz, F. Mercier, and S. Loyer
Assessment of Integer Precise Point Positioning performances at different temporal scales PDF PDF slides

S. Häberling, M. Rothacher, and A. Geiger
Assessment of high-rate GPS using a single-axis shake table PDF PDF slides

E. Schoenemann, T. Springer, M. Becker, and W. Enderle
Raw Observation PPP and Global Network Solution PDF PDF slides

G. Blewitt, C. Kreemer, J. Goldfarb, H.-P. Plag, and W. C. Hammond
Global Spatial Filtering (GSF) of GNSS Coordinates to Capture Small Transient Signals PDF PDF slides

M. Meindl, R. Dach, D. Thaller, S. Schaer, G. Beutler, and A. Jaeggi The Impact of the Processing Batch Length in GNSS Data Analysis on the Estimates of Earth Rotation Parameters with Daily and Subdaily Time Resolution PDF PDF slides

Available Posters

M. Mulic and A. Bilajbegovic
Improved accuracy of the reference network of Bosnia and Herzegovina PDF Poster (PDF)

Q. Baire, E. Pottiaux, C. Bruyninx, P. Defraigne, W. Aerts, J. Legrand, N. Bergeot, and J.M. Chevalier
Impact of different individual GNSS receiver antenna calibration models on geodetic positioning PDF Poster (PDF)

J. Hefty and L. Gerhatova
Effects of non-modeled signal biases in multi-GNSS Precise Point Positioning PDF Poster (PDF)

D. Moreira, F. Perosanz, S. Calmant, A. Santos, J. Silva, G Ramillien, O. Rotunno, F. Seyler, A. Monteiro, and C.K Shum
Applications of GNSS data for hydrological studies in the Amazon basin PDF Poster (PDF)

C. J. Rodriguez-Solano, U. Hugentobler, P. Steigenberger, K. Sosnica, and M. Fritsche
Non-conservative GNSS satellite modeling: long-term orbit behavior PDF Poster (PDF)

J. Weiss, Y. Bar-Sever, W. Bertiger, S. Desai, B. Haines, N. Harvey, and A. Sibthorpe
Characterizing GPS Block IIA Shadow and Post-Shadow Maneuvers PDF Poster (PDF)